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WACKEN METAL BATTLE CANADA 2015 – TORONTO ROUND III—toronto-show-reviews/wacken-metal-battle-canada-2015-toronto-round-iii


Frontman Sebastian Kidman’s vocal performance was one of the highlights of the set. where he sang with catchy melodic vocals and unleashed some ridiculous high-notes akin to Rob Halford and King Diamond. Their music had tons of energy and their stage presence was excellent.At the beginning of the set, bassist Frank Patten’s bass was louder than the guitars for the first thirty seconds or so, but he noticed and turned it down right away. However, his bass playing really caught my eye with the technicality. Sebastian faced a technical issue with his guitar in the last song, so he took it off and finished the song by just singing.


Journalist: Alex Stojanovic
Photographer: Navneet Johal


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